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UNSC to hold meeting tonight on rival requests by Russia and US over chemical attack in Syria

United Nations Security Council

The United Nations Security Council will meet tonight following requests by Russia and the United States after a deadly chemical attack in Syria.

Russia called for a meeting of the 15-member council on international threats to peace and security while 9 countries including US, UK and France had called an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

Yesterday, U.S. President Donald Trump blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iran for a chemical attack in Douma that killed at least dozens of people. Both Syria and Russia, however, denied a chemical attack took place and said they have reached an evacuation deal with the Jaish al-Islam rebels who hold Douma.

The Russian military said its operations in Douma had been halted. Under the deal, 100 buses are said to be moving 8,000 fighters and 40,000 of their relatives out of the battered town. Hostages who had been held by the rebels are being set free.

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