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UN Palestinian agency faces ‘most severe’ crisis ever after US freeze

United Nations

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees today warned that it faced its worst funding crisis ever after the White House froze tens of millions of dollars in contributions.

The United States is the largest contributor to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine refugees

UN agency spokesman Chris Gunness said, the potential impact of UNRWA being destabilised is very likely to be widespread, profound, unpredictable and catastrophic.

Yesterday, the United States held back 65 million dollars that had been destined for the agency, two weeks after President Donald Trump threatened future payments.

The agency provides Palestinian refugees and their descendants across the Middle East with services including schools and medical care. The move has been criticized as cruel and blatantly biased by Palestinian leaders.

US State Department officials insisted that the decision to freeze the funding was taken to encourage other countries to help pay for and reform UNRWA.

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