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Six Arab countries cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar


Six countries of the Arab region have cut off their diplomatic ties with Qatar. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Yemen, Libya and Egypt have all accused Doha for destabilising the region and have declared not to maintain any diplomatic relations with immediate effect.

Saudi state news agency SPA said, Riyadh has closed its borders, severed land, sea and air contact with Doha. It cited officials saying, this step is taken to protect the national security of the Kingdom from the dangers of terrorism and extremism.

UAE official news agency on twitter announced, that it has given Qatari diplomats 48 hours to leave the country. Abu Dhabi accused Doha of supporting, funding and embracing terrorism, extremism and sectarian organisations.

Bahrain also announced cutting diplomatic ties citing ongoing attempts to destabilize security in the kingdom. It blamed, Qatar’s support for armed terrorist activities and funding linked to Iranian groups to carry out sabotage, for its decision.

Following Saudi Arab and others decision, Egypt also closed its airspace and ports for all Qatari transportation. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry in a statement said, it is severing diplomatic relations with Doha because of the continued hostility of its authorities towards Egypt.

The Yemen government also announced snapping ties with Qatar accusing it of working with its enemies of the Iran-aligned Houthi militia.

The Tobruk-based internationally recognized government of Libya also broke off diplomatic relations with Qatar. Foreign Minister Mohammed Dairi said, Doha has been the main source of supplying weapons to the Libyan branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and other armed Islamist groups since 2012 and poses a threat to the national security of the Arab world.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting Yemen’s Houthi rebels have expelled Qatar from its alliance.

Meanwhile, Qatar Foreign Ministry has regretted the decision of the Arab countries cutting off diplomatic ties. According to news channel Al Jazeera, Qatar Foreign Ministry said to cut off diplomatic relations claiming Doha’s alleged support for terrorism has no basis and is not justified.

It also said, the decision will not affect the normal lives of citizens and residents.

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