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California’s Thomas Fire scorches area larger than New York City

Thomas fire

The most destructive wildfire raging in southern California has expanded significantly, scorching an area larger than New York City. The Thomas fire in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties has consumed 230,000 acres in the past week. Fanned by strong winds, it has become the fifth largest wildfire recorded in state history after it grew by more than 50,000 acres in a day. Residents in coastal beach communities have been ordered to leave.

Yesterday, firefighters reported that 15 percent of the blaze had been contained but were forced to downgrade that to 10 percent as it continued to spread. The other fires hitting California are largely controlled, but 200,000 people have evacuated their homes and hundreds of buildings have been destroyed since 4 December.

Several firefighters have been injured, but only one person has died.
There are also fears the blaze will seriously hit California’s multi-million dollar agricultural industry.

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