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Pakistan resorting to proxies against India, Afghan: US Experts

Pakistan proxies

Eminent experts in the US have told the country’s lawmakers that Pakistan is resorting to proxies like the Haqqani network and Taliban against India and Afghanistan. Director of International Security and Defence Policy Centre at the Rand Corporation, Seth Jones said this in response to a question from Congressman Ted Poe during a Congressional hearing.

He said, Afghanistan’s relationship with India is unacceptable to Pakistan. Jones said, Pakistan has resorted to proxy organisations to further its foreign policy goals both in places like Jammu and Kashmir as well as Afghanistan.
Another expert, Bill Roggio, editor of a journal, said Pakistani government views everything through the lens of fighting India. He said this at a different hearing organised by the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Terrorism and Non-proliferation.
Congressman Ted Poe said, killing of Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor and Al-Qaeda leader and America’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan demonstrates that Taliban is still based in Pakistan and Islamabad directly or indirectly supports the Haqqani Network.

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