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Airstrike in Hama kills 8 White Helmets rescuers


In Syria, airstrikes struck a center of Syria’s rescuers known as the White Helmets in a rebel-held area in the country’s center in Hama, killing eight volunteers.

The yesterday’s airstrike was one of the deadliest against the rescuers who operate in opposition-held areas. They have garnered world attention for operating in extreme conditions, pulling survivors out of recently struck areas.

The volunteers have often been targeted by government airstrikes, in what are known as ‘double tap’ attacks, as they work to rescue others.

The Britain-based opposition monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the number of those killed is likely to rise as the search mission continues.

It was not clear who carried out the airstrikes, as Syrian government and Russia aircraft have targeted opposition-held areas. The central Hama province have been scene to intense violence in recent weeks, as the government attempts to push back a rebel offensive.

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