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Trump wants to send men to Mars

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US President Donald Trump today said he wants to send men to Mars during his first term.

In a video conference with two NASA astronauts at the International Space Station from his Oval Office, he said he wants to try and do it during his first term or, at worst, during his second term.

So, the US will have to speed that up a little bit, he said. NASA is currently planning to send men to Mars in 2030. Trump said he was very proud that he signed a bill committing NASA to the aim of sending America astronauts to Mars.

He asked the two astronauts whether they were ready to go to Mars.”We are absolutely ready to go to Mars,” said Peggy Whitson, who today broke the record for most days in space by a US astronaut, speaking also for her colleague Jack Fisher at the ISS.

“We will do our best. This vehicle will take us further than we’ve ever been away from this planet,” she said. First Daughter Ivanka Trump, and fellow astronaut Kate Rubins were also present in the Oval Office during the call.

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