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Harsh Vardhan urges people to undertake ‘greed good deeds’ to protect environment

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New Delhi, Feb 11

Union Environment minister Harsh Vardhan has said that the entire world is concerned about the dangers posed by global warming and climate change and urged people to undertake “green good deeds” to protect environment.

Launched by the Environment Ministry last year, the ‘Green Good Deeds’ campaign — aimed at protecting the environment and promoting healthy living — mentions a list of 500 activities for protecting the environment. Dr Harsh Vardhan said, the global community has started believing that India can provide the right leadership and direction to deal with the challenges of pollution and global warming.

Addressing a global summit on ‘Science, Spirituality, Education and Environment’ in New Delhi, he said small behavioural changes and nature-friendly activities can be a great step towards saving the environment. .

Union Minister for Water Resources and Parliamentary Affairs Arjun Meghwal called for cultivation of clean, positive and healthy thoughts, attitude, conduct and character in order to make our life, environment, nature and society clean, healthy, harmonious and balanced. He said to achieve this healthy and happy change in society, spiritual education, physical wellness and inner empowerment of every human soul, mind, intellect and sanskars are must.

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