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Abhyanga beneficial in preserving youthfulness, toning body


Dr Anay Chandrakar

In this age of intense competition and massive work load, people hardly manage to ensure time for them but methods existing in ‘Ayurveda’ could help people in achieving toned body, healthy & shiny skin, youthfulness and sound sleep and many more.
YES, this is correct; it can be achieved with inculcation of ‘Abhyanga’ in lifestyle.
‘Abyanga’ (Inunction) is form of traditional Ayurvedic massage with use warm herbal oils from head to toe.
This is advised to be practiced daily. There is no daily routine as beneficial as this for preserving youthfulness, allaying vata troubles, soothing the eyes, toning the body, sound sleep, softness and firmness of the skin, preventing skin diseases and for long life. Those with vata temperament are advised to have it daily.

(You can reach Dr Anay Chandrakar, Director of Shree Ayurveda (Raipur) through the address www.shreeayurveda.in)

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