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Youth will be engaged in creative activities: Bhupesh Baghel

Rajiv Mitan Clubs

Rajiv Mitan Clubs to be constituted in gram panchayats and local bodies
Leadership and skill development activities to be conducted by these clubs

Raipur, January 31

A meeting of the governing body of Chhattisgarh Sports Development Authority, presided by Bhupesh Baghel was held at his residence office. In this meeting various matters regarding the aim, constitution and the mode of execution of the action plan of the Rajiv Mitan Clubs to be formed across the State were discussed in detail .

These clubs are to be formed at the gram panchayat and local body level.

Chief Minister said that these clubs will work towards the development of leadership and other skills among the youth by organizing various activities. It will be ensured that the young members of this club, participate in various social events and development plans run by the State Government. Involvement in sports and cultural avctivities by the youth will ensure that their vibrant energy finds expression in creative pursuits .

Secretary of Sports and Youth Welfare Department Mr. Siddharth Komal Singh Pardeshi informed that Rajiv Mitan Clubs will be formed in 11,664 gram panchayats of 146 development blocks across the the state. For this, a state level committee chaired by the Chief Minister will be constituted at the state level, a district level committee headed by the Minister-in-Charge at the district level  and at  the Sub divisional Level the Subdivisional Officer (Revenue) will provide guidance regarding the formation of Rajiv Mitan Clubs in the gram panchayats. Members of this club will be engaged in various social activities such as  cleanliness, tree plantation etc.
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