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Women do social audit of panchayats for first time in country : 14, 000 women’s groups trained in social audit


Raipur, 09 January 2018

The State Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has empowered women by handing over the responsibility of social audits of panchayats for the first time in the entire country. The panchayat raj is of three-tier and 50 per cent quotas are provided to them in the panchayats.

The Panchayat and Rural Development Department officials today said that women are being trained in social audit of panchayats. About 14, 435 women’s self-help groups have been trained in the first phase at State-level. The training had begun on 2nd October and concluded on 6th January. The women had been trained in various facets of social audit like social accountability, discussions on sanctioned projects, filing of documents of social audit.

The department officers said that with the active participation of women’s self-help groups there is qualitative improvement in the social audits and better transparency. The gram sabhas are being empowered. The SHG-VRP training programme had been formulated with the co-operation of Union Government’s Rural Development Ministry. About 120 Master trainers have been appointed at development blocks level to train women’s self-help groups. The women speak in regional and local languages which helps in easy implementation of social welfare schemes.

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