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There is need for change in mindset towards children issues: Sacha


Raipur, June 11

There is need for change in mindset of the people, on various issues including towards the children and their related problems. The children should not be seen as an object or sensationalise the things like rape and other atrocities, said Alexandra’s (Sacha), Chief of Communication, Advocacy and Partnerships, UNICEF Country office while interacting with selected journalists at UNICEF, Chhattisgarh office on Monday.
She said that journalists still even after providing them training and pointing out towards the rule, report the name, reveal other details of the minor rape victims, to sensationalize it but then they never think of the future of victim. This is the reason that guidance can be provided to the journalists through training but one cannot monitor regarding what they are going to write. One can clear their mind on the issue; here is where there is need for change of mindset of people not only in India but other countries also.
On a question regarding the data made available by different Non-government organizations (NGOs) and civil societies which care conflicting, Sacha said that UNICEF which works with the governments use the data provided by governments. The data may be authentic or fake but the rate of incidents reported from ground level makes the difference if there is higher rate of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) then it is, then data does not make any difference, as then it is on public domain where media can play a key role.
Chief of Communication further said, that is where the UNICEF and media can work together by bringing the issues of children before. Now, the situation is also much tougher due to the reducing space dedicated to the children. She reviewed the working of Media Collective for Child Rights (MCCR), its working, the success and limitations.


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