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Students ask Chief Minister about his secret to fitness, Baghel replied Farming, Yoga and Swimming


Chief Minister interacts with the students of Swami Atmanand School, during ‘Bhent-Mulaqat Abhiyan”

Children asked Chief Minister some witty and interesting questions

Raipur, May 5

Chief Minister

“Bhent-Mulaqat Abhiyan” (Meet-and-Greet Campaign of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel) was commenced on Wednesday from Balrampur district of Chhattisgarh. Under this campaign, Chief Minister will be visiting all 90 constituencies of the state.  During his visit to Kusmi area of Balrampur district, Chief Minister affectionately interacted with the students of Swami Atmanand School. He asked them about their name and classes and talked to them about their studies. School students also answered his questions lovingly. One of the students named Varsha asked Chief Minister about his secret to fitness, to which Chief Minister replied that farming, Yoga and swimming have helped him maintain his fitness level. Chief Minister advised the children to practice yoga and exercise everyday. Other curious students of the school also asked Chief Minister interesting questions, to which he responded with warmth and simplicity.
 interacts with

the students  of Swami Atmanand  School, during

In her second question to Mr. Baghel, Varsha asked him whether he always wanted to be the Chief Minister or did he have any other ambitions? To which, Mr. Baghel answered that he always wanted to be a good farmer, but while practicing farming, he got involved in works of public service and social welfare, the path that led him to becoming a Chief Minister. Students of Swami Atmanand School told that they have been reading about the active works of Chief Minister in media and they are impressed to observe how Chief Minister manages administative works and his personal interaction with people of the state. Another student asked him that how can they develop a personality like time, to which he answered that they should focus on their education and embody the moral values taught by the wise eders, besides keeping alive their curiosity to learn new things and gather new experiences. He advised them to practice Yoga and exercise to stay mentally and physically strong. Students told Chief Minister that they have better infrastructure, qualified teachers, positive environment and resources for education in Swami Atmanand School. After the lovely interaction, Chief Minister took pictures with the children, making it a memorable moment for them. Chief Minister inspected the facilities available in the school including the computer lab, physical lab. He spoke to the principal and the teachers and appreciated their efforts to improve the quality of education in the institution.

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