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Raja Digvijaydas, Veerendra Bahadur Singh donated palaces for noble cause of education: Dr. Raman Singh

Raman Singh

Raipur, 15 February 2018

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh participated in the Diamond Jubilee function of the Digvijay Government Autonomous Post-Graduate College at Rajnandgaon. Dr. Raman Singh sanctioned the opening of B.P.Ed and Sickle cell research laboratory on the college premises. He added that the erstwhile rulers had made significant contributions towards the spread of education by donating large tracts of land buildings. Chief Minister said that many rulers’ palaces had been converted into 3- 5 star hotels all over the country but the rulers- Mahant Raja Digvijay Das of Rajnanandgaon and Raja Verrendra Bahadur Singh of Khairagarh had donated their palaces to Music University. Rajanandgaon had gained global attention because of the modern education facilities.

Dr. Raman Singh said that he feels proud to step foot on the premises of Digvijay College. Literary giant Punnulal Bakshi had spent his precious time on the college premises. Mukhtibog spent his time here which is like a Life-Time Achievement Award to the college. There were 46 posts earlier and now it is 96 posts. He shared his experiences of his recent Australian sojourn also. Several Indians are working as doctors, engineers and professors in elite Australian colleges. Bharat is ‘Viswaguru’. DNA of Indians is full of knowledge. When there was a ‘Dark Age’ in Europe intellectuals had been writing Vedic treatises in India.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh said that youth are more energetic than the earlier generation. He called upon them to become ‘Global Citizens’. If Indians do not match international standards they will be left behind in science and technology. MP Mr. Abhishek Singh said that higher education should be spread to the interiors so that rural students need not go far-off places to study. Mayor Mr. Madhusudhan Yadav was also present. College Principal Dr. R. N. Singh gave a detailed description of the achievements of the College. Civil Supplies Corporation former chairman Mr. Leelaram Bhojwani, Dongarhgarh MLA Mrs. Sarojni Banjare, former MP Mr. Pradeep Gandi and several prominent citizens were also present.

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