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Rahul Gandhi least bothered about national security: Shah

Rahul Gandhi

Raipur, September 21

Accusing Congress President Rahul Gandhi and UPA team least bothered about national security and interest of citizens, BJP President Amit Shah today said that infiltrators in the country will not be allowed to stay in the country.

After coming to power in 2019, BJP will not allow any infiltrators to stay in the country, stated Shah.

Meanwhile, Shah also asked Gandhi and opposition to make their stand on infiltrators and Maoists clear.

Shah was addressing a party programme in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur today.

After National Register of Citizens (NRC) was implemented, around 40 lakh people were identified as illegal immigrants, said Shah, elaborating that now Congress has started showing concern for human rights of infiltrators.

Shah further said that Rahul Gandhi is showcasing concern and voicing for human rights of infiltrators but overlook the rights of people affected by illegal immigrants. After arrest of urban Maoists in Maharashtra, question on their arrest appeared but why people possessing mortar and conspiring to assassinate Prime Minister will not be arrested.

Shah also appreciated Raman Singh government for its efforts to eliminate the menace of naxalism.

“Recently, I have heard the speech of Rahul Baba in which he claimed of Congress’s victory in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. There is no prohibition in dreaming but who dreams in broad daylight with open eyes,” mocked Shah, elaborating that pick up the history of elections took place across the country after Narendra Modi become Prime Minister in 2014, you (Rahul Gandhi) will get to know what is going to happen in Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

BJP has registered remarkable victory in elections took place in different directions of the country and the states which are remaining be it Bengal, Odisha, Andhra, Telangana Tamil Nadu or Kerala will also be won by the party in elections of 2019, added Shah.

Be it general election or assembly election, the elections are not win by MLAs, ministers or Chief Minister, it is booth-level party workers who make them register victory in polls said the BJP National President.

He further said that we have formed the government for happiness of public and protect the interest of tribal not for the relaxation of leaders. In 1950, when the party was formed it had only 10 members but now it is having the participation of around 15 crore active members and the flag of BJP is now waving in around 70 percent region of the country.

Meanwhile, he also called on mammoth gathering of the party workers to work extensively so that BJP must achieve stronghold from panchayat to parliament in next 50 years.


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