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People amazed by Chief Minister Baghel’s knowledge of topography


Chief Minister knows the villagers and farmers of his area by name and village
He is also aware of the rivers-streams and fields of the area

Raipur, June 9

An interesting incident surprised people on June 8 in the virtual launch and Bhoomi Pujan program of development works of Durg district. Introducing herself to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, a woman seen on the screen told that she lives in Fekari village, then the Chief Minister asked, where in Fekari village? The woman told- Lohar Para. The Chief Minister immediately turned around and asked- Near the Peepal tree? The woman’s face blossomed with joy after hearing the address very close to her house from the Chief Minister’s mouth. The people present in the program were also amazed at Mr. Baghel’s knowledge of topography.

Such incidents are often seen and heard in the programs of Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel. The Chief Minister knows the villagers and farmers of Patan-Durg area not only by name and village, but he is also aware of their fields and rivers-streams. During the programmes, while interacting with the farmers of his area, he also seeks information regarding farming activities from them.

Mrs. Godavari Kaushik, a lady seen on the screen in today’s virtual program told the Chief Minister that her self-help group has started the work of planting brinjals of Kalyani species and has sold brinjals worth Rs.1.5 lakh in just two acres. The Chief Minister congratulated Godavari and another lady of the group, Smt. Damin Sahu, for conducting such experiments. He said that only such innovation opens the way for economic progress.

Mr. Baghel also held discussions with the farmers who decided to grow crops like fragrant rice, soybean and maize instead of paddy this time in their fields. Mr. Lalit Mahipal told him that this time he has decided to cultivate fragrant paddy. For this, the government is also providing incentive money. The Chief Minister advised that organic manure should be used in the cultivation of fragrant rice and also get it registered. After three to four years, after getting the certificate on such cultivation, the rate of fragrant rice will be higher. He said that those who are growing organic paddy are also getting good price. If fragrant paddy is produced using organic manure, then it will fetch even higher price. Mr. Diwakar Gaikwad of village Umarkoti told that this time he has made preparations to plant fragrant paddy in 2 hectares. For this, 15 quintals of vermi compost has also been purchased. Shri Ajay Sharma informed that this year he has decided to sow soybean, as oil prices are increasing continuously, it is expected that good price of soybean will be available in the coming year. Shri Tularam Sahu told that this time he has decided to plant maize.

Women from Chandkhuri’s Sindhuja Self-Help Group also shared their experiences. They told that this time they have produced 375 quintals of manure and have made Decomposer and Diyas. The member of the group, Mrs. Geetanjali Baghel, informed that the group has earned a profit of three and a half lakh rupees through different activities.


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