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Once Dasmi was a Naxalite, now working as a Receptionist in a resort


Her husband died in an encounter on the day of their marriage

Surrendered after knowing the bitter truth of Naxalism

Dasmi narrated her story to Chief Minister Mr.Bhupesh Baghel, Chief Minister offers sympathy to her and inspired her to do better work

Raipur, May 25
Life is very unpredictable but it is well said that all’s well that ends well. A story well suited to this phrase was narrated by a woman named Dasmi Kuhrami, a resident of Chandameta of Bastar. There was a time when Dasmi Kuhrami had a gun in her hand under the guise of Naxalites. But now these hands are welcoming the tourists visiting Bastar. Dasmi Kuhrami, once a Naxalite member earlier, is now being recognized as a decent, elegant receptionist. Dasmi surrendered after coming across the bitter truth of Naxalism. Now after joining mainstream society, she is grooming her life. Today, when Dasmi met Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, she narrated her story. Kind-hearted Chief Minister Mr.Baghel after hearing the story of Dasmi expressed his sympathy and inspired her to do better work.

The story of Dasmi Kuhrami, who surrendered after being a Naxalite for long 9 years, tells the bitter truth of Naxalism and the life of Naxalites. Dasmi of Chandameta, a Naxal-affected area, was living a life of scarcity. In such a situation, she joined the Naxalite group named ‘Chetna Natya Mandali’ to fulfil her passion for dancing and singing. Initially, she was unaware of the reality of Naxal activities. Meanwhile, she met Vargesh, an active Naxalite member. After some time both of them decided to get married and spend their life together, but fate had something else for them. The dreams were shattered on the day of their marriage when Vargesh was killed in an encounter with security forces in Katekalyan. Dasmi was also spending the rest of her life in fear all the time while indulging in Naxalite activity. Neither she could meet her family members, nor she was able to live life freely. After living with Naxalites for such long 9 years, she decided to surrender in the year 2020 under influence of the Chhattisgarh government’s policies, and join the mainstream of the society.

After surrender, the administration gave the benefit of the ‘surrender policy’ to Dasami Kuhrami, and then Dasami returned to Chandameta. Meanwhile, she also got a job as a receptionist at Chitrakot Eco-Tourism Resort, and now she started a new life with all dignity and respect. Dasmi thanked Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel for all these schemes and efforts. Dasmi also told that under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, the Chhattisgarh government has created a conducive environment in Bastar which resulted in a fact that a large number of people leaving the Naxalite activity and joining the mainstream society.

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