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Officers should stay steadfast in their duties: CM Baghel


One single negligence can cost heaviy to a poor family

Common people should have access to all the benefits of government schmes

Efficiency, behaviour and contact of officials with common people is what creates the image of a Government

People have positive view towards the government

Raipur, May 6

People have positive view towards the governmentChief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel chaired a meeting of officers from Balrampur-Ramanujganj district in Raipur on Thursday and discussed the development schemes for the district. While Chief Minister appreciated the achievements and good works of the officers, he also advised them to stay steadfast in their duties. Chief Minister asked the officials to be careful of even the minute details of their works because even a small mistake can cost heavy to poor families. He gave example of a woman beneficiary who had to purchase ration on retail for two years, because issuance of her ration card was delayed. Why was not her problem address during the review, asked Chief Minister. He directed the officials to ensure that people get all the benefits of the government schemes.
On this occasion, Urban Administration Minister Dr. Shiv Kumar Dahria, Parliamentary Secretary Mr. Chintamani Maharaj, Chief Secretary Mr. Amitabh Jain, Additional Chief Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Subrat Sahu, along with district officials were present.
Chief Minister said that the efficiency, behaviour and interaction of the officials is what creates or destroys the image of a government. Hence, it is important that the government officers perform their duties with dedication and efficiency. Mentioning the feedback he recieved from the people of three villages in Kusmi Vidhan Sabh on May 4, Chief Minister said that people have a positive outlook towards the government.
Referring to the plan to develop Gauthans as Rural Industrial Parks,  Chief Minister said that people in villages are skilled and have been doing the work of carpentry and blacksmith from generations. They just need to be encouraged. One or two Gauthans should be developed into a model rural industrial park in each block as a pilot project. In Gauthans where mustard crushing machines and pulse mills have been installed, the farmers should be encouraged to grow mustard and pulses. He said that about 1.5 lakh acres of land has been secured in Gauthans by consensus. He instructed to make better arrangements for sale of the products made by women groups in Gauthans. In the same sequence, C-marts are being opened in every district. He said that providing the best facilities of education and health is the top priority of the state government. Direct recruitment of teachers was done for the first time after 1998. There is a need to pay special attention to the schemes like providing employment, smooth operation of PDS, electricity bill half scheme, and paddy procurement
Praising the officers for the proper arrangements made by them for paddy procurement, Mr. Baghel said that this year 98 lakh metric tons of paddy has been procured from farmers on support price, against which the payment was made in three days, which shows the efficiency of the officers. Paddy offtake process has also been completed in a systematic manner this year, preventing the paddy stock from dryness, rain damage etc. Chief Minister said that the healthcare system in the government hospitals has been significantly improved. Shri Dhanwantri Generic Medical Stores have been started. Medicines and doctors are available in hospitals. Haat Bazar Clinic Scheme, Urban Slum Health Scheme, Dai-Didi Clinic Scheme are being implemented as welll.
Chief Minister said that there is a need to rectify the minor shortcomings in all the departments. In the presence of senior administrative officers from Raipur, Mr. Baghel directed the district officers to ensure proper implementation of the development schemes and programs for the convenience of the residents of the district. Mr. Baghel got acquainted with the officers and took note of their problems as well. Chief Minister assured the officers that they would be provided every possible support from the government as the per rules.

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