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Nation want account of Congress’s 55-year rule: Amit Shah


Sandeep Pradhan

Ambikapur, June 10
Attacking Congress President Rahul Gandhi for questioning about development in four years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government’s rule, BJP President Amit Shah said the nation want account of Congress’s 55 year rule.
Addressing a mammoth gathering in Ambikapur, which marked the arrival of Chief Minister Raman Singh’s state-wide ‘Vikas Yatra’ today, Amit Shah said “Congress President in his recent speech was questioning what PM Modi has done in last four years. I want to say Rahul ji..Rahul Baba why you are asking us the account of four years, we are not responsible to answer..we are only accountable to public. Your family has ruled the country for 55 years and the country wants account of four generation rule by your family.”

“People in the country are asking the account of four generation which your family has ruled the country for around 55 years. Your forefather Jawaharlal Nehru, grandmother Indira Gandhi, father Rajiv Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi along with Manmohan Singh (ruled for 10 years) have ruled the country for 55 years but why the development didn’t took place in the country,” targeted Shah, elaborating that people in the country as well as Chhattisgarh want account of Congress’s 55-year rule.
Expressing confidence of BJP’s consecutive fourth victory in Chhattisgarh during coming assembly elections, Shah said presence of massive crowd in the venue has confirmed Raman Singh’s victory for fourth time.

“Just a victory in Chhattisgarh will not be enough for BJP this time, instead the party has to emerge victorious in 65 out of 90 seats with record margin. The victory should be in such a manner that the roots of Congress get uprooted for the state,” added Shah.
Praising works of Chief Minister Raman Singh, Shah said that no party has courage to give its account to people ahead of elections but Raman Singh has courageously highlighted accounts of its work through vikas yatra.
Highlighting the achievements of Modi-government, Shah said that BJP government in the last four year has opened bank account of 30 crore people, LPG connections have been provided to 3.80 crore women, 7.5 crore households have been equipped with toilets and 19000 villages were electrified.
In interest of villagers, poor, labourers, youth, women and people belonging to different walk of the society, NDA government has launched 116 schemes, pointed Shah.

While the mercury was rising, Chief Minister Raman Singh has launched Vikas Yatra but as summer turns up, Congress President Rahul Gandhi goes for vacation to Europe, said Shah, elaborating that this people can’t serve people.
Congress party has not been opposing Vikas Yatra but they are opposing development here, said Shah.
Highlighting the achievement of Modi government’s four year, Shah said that the government has initiated several moves to safeguard borders with Pakistan and also made strong retaliation to pak’s attacks by undertaking surgical strike.
Accusing Congress of spreading lies and misleading people, BJP President said neither Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) will be amended nor reservation will be abolished till BJP will be in power.
Earlier addressing the gathering, Chief Minister Raman Singh announced merger of Shikshakarmis.


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