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Muria Durbar is a worthwhile place for discussion on the development of Bastar: CM


Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel attends Muria Durbar, makes many important announcements

Clerk and peon will be recruited for Temple Committee

Government Engineering College of Jagdalpur will be named after Veer Jhada Sirha

Raipur, October 18

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel has described Muria Durbar as a reliable Durbar and said that the demands made in this Durbar are fulfilled. The Chief Minister said this at the Muria Durbar held in Sirhasar on Sunday under the world famous historical Bastar Dussehra. Fulfilling the demand made by the public representatives on the occasion, the Chief Minister announced the recruitment of a clerk and a peon for the Temple Committee, as well as renaming the Government Engineering College located here after Veer Jhada Sirha.

He also announced the construction of a modern Jyoti room in the Danteshwari temple.

On reaching Sirhasar to attend Muria Durbar, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel was welcomed by Manjhi-Chalkis wearing traditional turbans. On this occasion Industries Minister and Minister in charge of Bastar district Kawasi Lakhma, Member of Parliament and Chairman of Bastar Dussehra Committee Shri Deepak Baij, Parliamentary Secretary Shri Rekhchand Jain, Chairman of Handicrafts Development Board Shri Chandan Kashyap, Vice Chairman of Bastar Development Authority Shri Vikram Mandavi, Kondagaon MLA Shri Mohan Markam, Chitrakot MLA Shri Rajman Benzam, Dantewada MLA Smt. Devati Karma, Mati Pujari of Bastar Shri Kamalchand Bhanjdev, CREDA President Shri Mithilesh Swarnkar, Fishermen Welfare Board Chairman Shri MR Nishad, Mayor Smt. Safira Sahu, Municipal Corporation President Smt. Kavita Sahu, Public representatives including senior officials, Manjhi, Chalki, Members, Naik-Paik, Jogi-Pujari and members of Bastar Dussehra Committee were present.

described Muria Durbar as a reliable Durbar

On this occasion, Chief Minister Shri Baghel congratulated all the members of Bastar Dussehra Committee and the administration for the longest running Dussehra in the world. He said that Bastar Dussehra has many specialties, due to which people from all over the country and abroad come to Bastar every year to participate in it.The way the government-administration and the people of the entire Bastar division make this 75-day long event a success with solidarity and mutual cooperation, that is also the specialty of Bastar Dussehra. Describing this culture and traditions as necessary to keep people united, he described it as the biggest strength. He said that the concern to preserve our culture and tradition was also a big reason behind the formation of Chhattisgarh state. Today we are working in this direction with priority. In the last three years, many important steps have been taken to save the culture of Bastar as well as the entire Chhattisgarh. Earlier, there was no official holiday in folk festivals like Teeja-Pora, Karma Jayanti, World Tribal Day, Chhath festival. Our government started holidays so that the people of Chhattisgarh can enjoy their festivals properly. Through these festivals, our traditions pass from one generation to the next. Describing the culture of worshiping deities in Bastar as special, he said that Bastar is the only place, where along with worshiping the deities, people spend their whole life with them. They eat, sing, dance with their Gods and also get angry with the Gods. He said that there is a need for the country and the world to know and understand this culture of Bastar. He said that only to preserve their culture, Devgudis and Ghotuls are being conserved in Bastar division. No paucity of money will be allowed in the development and beautification of Devgudis. The primitive culture of Bastar is discussed all over the world, but people still do not know about it very well. We have started organizing the National Tribal Dance Festival only to introduce the whole world to the tribal culture here. In the year 2019, a grand event of National Tribal Dance Festival was organized in Raipur. More than 2500 delegates from 25 states of the country participated in it. Simultaneously artists from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Belarus, Maldives, Thailand and Uganda also exhibited their art. The event lasted for three days. This event could not be held in the year 2020 due to the Corona crisis. But now the situation is better, so this year also preparations are being made for a grand event of the National Tribal Dance Festival. Our public representatives are distributing invitations by traveling all over the country. This time the National Tribal Dance Festival will be held in Raipur from 28 to 30 October. Tribal artists from across the country will also exhibit their art this time. He also invited everyone to participate in the tribal dance festival on this occasion.

and said that the demands made in this Durbar are fulfilled. The Chief Minister said this at the Muria Durbar held in Sirhasar today under the world famous historical Bastar Dussehra. Fulfilling the demand made by the public representatives on the occasion

Mr. Baghel said that Muria Durbar has a splendid history of its own. It is my privilege to attend this Durbar. This Muria Durbar is a beautiful example of the democratic traditions of our culture. In this Muria Durbar, the kings, subjects, officers and employees all sit together and talk. They talk about the problems of the village and society. Let us talk about the development that has happened so far and also plan how to develop in the future. Today I assure you people in this Durbar that by following the policy of development, trust and security, we will continue to work sincerely in the direction of fulfilling our promise to build a beautiful, pleasant and prosperous Bastar.

On this occasion, Industries Minister and Minister in charge of Bastar district, Mr. Kawasi Lakhma expressed his gratitude for providing Rs. 5 lakh for construction of Devgudi in villages and Rs. 10 lakh for construction of Ghotul to preserve the folk culture of Bastar. He also thanked the Chief Minister for increasing the honorarium of other members including Manjhi-Chalki, Member, who worked hard for making Bastar Dussehra a success.

On this occasion, Member of Parliament and President of Bastar Dussehra Committee, Mr. Deepak Baij said that earlier there were problems like the members associated with Bastar Dussehra Committee not getting honorarium or receiving less amount, which has been resolved by the present government. He said that the tradition of planting new saplings has been started to compensate for the felling of trees for the construction of chariots for Bastar Dussehra. He told that this year 53 trees were cut for the construction of the chariot, in lieu of which 500 saplings of the Sal tree have been planted. He said that approval of Rs 15 lakh has also been given for Manjhi Chalki Bhawan. Parliamentary Secretary Shri Rekhchand Jain and Collector Rajat Bansal addressed on the occasion. On this occasion, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel also distributed honorarium to the Manjhi-Chalki and executive members.

The amount of the third installment of Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana will be disbursed on the state foundation day

The Chief Minister told in Muria Durbar that the payment of the third installment under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana would be done on November 1 on the occasion of the State Foundation Day. He also invited the people present on this occasion to the State Foundation Day.


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