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Lok Suraaj a platform for direct dialogue with masses: Raman


Raipur, 03 April 2017

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today launched third phase of ‘Lok Suraaj’ Mission. He said that he will personally visit any village to observe the basic amenities hear masses grievances and redress the problems plaguing the towns and villages. He will attend 27 grievances redressal camps and hold review meetings at 20 district headquarter. He will stay there overnight and meet people’s representatives and media personnel.

Dr. Raman Singh said that the Mission is a form of dialogue directly with the masses to observe the ground realities of various social welfare schemes . Good governance and development are the key factors for the State Government. He added that Graam Suraaj mission had been launched in the year 2005 and Urban Suraaj Mission in 2012. Masses participated in huge numbers in all the missions and made it successful. There had been overwhelming response to the campaigns in the entire State. Chief Minister added that long-term policies and programmes cannot be formulated in the cozy rooms of Mantralaya but should be done in the villages of State. He sits under the trees in villages converse with the rural citizens and plan the basic needs. He meets farmers, workers, women, children and common citizens. The campaigns had been very successful in meeting the demands of the populace.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh added that he had been inspired to prepare plans and policies for the future of the entire society at these missions. The schemes that had been launched- Chief Minister Food Assistance Scheme, Loans at zero per cent interest to farmers, Chief Minister Baal Hrudaya Suraksha Yojana, free electricity up to 7500 units per year on five Horse-Power, Saraswati Cycle Project to girls, Religious tours to senior citizens, Footwear to Tendupatta collectors. Forty-five Smart phones will be distributed under the Chief Minister Information Revolution Project (SKY).

Dr. Raman Singh said that Lok Suraaj Mission 2017 in slightly different format. It is in three phases. The main focus is in Grievance Redressal camps. The authorities are reaching the masses to redress their pending problems. About 1360 camps will be organized in rural regions and 910 camps in urban areas. The citizens will be informed of the various policies and programmes of the State Government.

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