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IIM Raipur welcomes batches of Fellow Programme in Management

IIM Raipur

Raipur, Aug 19
IIM Raipur welcomed its 11th Batch of Post Graduate Programme in Management and 9th Batch of Fellow Programme in Management on the Inaugural programme held on 18th August 2020 innervating the students on a new journey filled with new hopes and determinations.

The students got an opportunity to interact with experts from academia, the learning received from whom will certainly stay with them.

Prof. Bharat Bhasker, Director, IIM Raipur welcomed the chief guest, Honourable Minister of Education, Government of India, Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, Mr Sunil Kumar Soni, Member of Parliament, Raipur, Mr DhanendraSahu, MLA, Abhanpur and all the members of the Board of Governors for their presence and their guidance in achieving excellence in all activities of the Institute.

He also welcomed the incoming batches, motivating the students to follow their passion and shape their ideas accordingly. He spoke about how the institute has earned an outstanding reputation for itself in such a short span of time because of its academic excellence, high-quality research, executive education, and corporate & international linkages.

Closing his address, Prof. Bhasker mentioned how IIM Raipur would be taking on an academic orientation so that it creates future leaders adept at succeeding in this volatile, disruptive and transformative world.

This was followed by an address by the Shyamala Gopinath, Chairperson, Board of Governers, IIM Raipur, where she mentioned in detail about the progress of IIM Raipur’s flagship program PGP (now MBA) which started with 70 students to an intake of 263 students in 2020 and the Ph.D. Program started in 2012-13 where 80 students and 20 students have graduated successfully.

She also mentioned that fee for PGP in IIM Raipur is lowest among the other contemporary IIMs that started in the year 2010. Despite this lowest fee among the contemporary institutions, IIM Raipur has already become self-sufficient with respect to its operating expenses since 2018 resonating the true meaning of AatmaNirbhar Bharat.

This was followed by address by the chief guest Honourable Minister of Education Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ who welcomed the 11th batch of PGP and the 9th batch of FPM to this beautiful IIM campus.

He inaugurated the grand new faculty building as well as the academic building of IIM Raipur. He showcased great admiration for the emphasis the institute places on life-long learning and development, positive engagement with the community, and developing leadership skills; qualities that will positively impact our community and the country.

He mentioned that the new National Education Policy (NEP, 2020) is also a step into this direction. The NEP 2020 aims at making our nation a global knowledge superpower by transforming the curricular and pedagogical structure of education. It also emphasizes the integration of technology in all levels of learning.

He explained how the government aspires to increase the gross enrolment ratio in higher education to 50% by 2035 where institutions like IIMs will also rise to the occasion and contribute significantly to achieve these policy objectives set by the government. He concluded his speech by congratulating students on embarking on a new phase of your life and mentioning that the country needs a spirit of enthusiasm, but it also requires a spirit of social responsibility which he was assured the students would work towards , no matter what kind of organization they work for.

This was followed by a Vote of Thanks by Director IIM Raipur, Prof. Bharat Bhaskar where he expressed his gratitude towards the Minister of Education Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, Ministry of Education, Government of Chhattisgarh, Board of Governors of IIM Raipur and lastly the faculty and staff at IIM Raipur for their support and collaboration to bring IIM Raipur to these new heights.

The virtual inaugural program finally concluded with all attendees joining in for the National Anthem.

The orientation program on 18th August started with an interaction with the Dean Academics, Prof. Sanjeev Prashar and PGP Chairperson, Prof. Sumeet Gupta, elucidated on the academic rigour at IIM Raipur and talked about the importance of hands-on learning and discipline. Following which, the student profile of the PGP batch was presented by Prof. M Kannadhasan, Chairman Admissions.

The batch profile of IIM Raipur showed a continued push towards gender diversity with a batch strength of 260 this year consisting of 42% female and 58% male candidates. The average work experience of the 11th batch stands at 23.2 months and nearly 65% of them have worked before. This was followed by an address by Prof. Sumeet Gupta, the PGP chairperson who welcomed the 11th batch of PGP and the 9th batch of FPM students by the FPM Chairperson, Prof. Pradyumna Dash.

Describing the profession of teaching, he called upon the new batch of the students to become a role model for society besides excelling in research work. Prof. Gupta then introduced the faculty to the batches and talked at length about the ethos and management. To enlighten the new and incoming batch of the cultural pillars of IIM Raipur, Dean Sanjeev Parashar, reiterated the Indian roots and values.

On 17th August 2020, the PGP batch of 2020-2022 were walked through the case-based pedagogy at IIM Raipur through an interactive workshop.

Following address was of Prof. Satyasiba Das, Chairman of Placement and Corporate Relations and Chairman of International Relations. He talked about the giant strides IIM Raipur has made in the corporate world in the last decade. He explained the importance of exchange program as in today’s competitive world, getting exposure helps in the overall growth of an individual, getting exposed to different pedagogies of management education helps in attaining a global perspective which will be beneficial in the long run.

Prof. PRS Sarma, Chairperson student affairs and Prof R.K Jana, Chief hostel warden and Col. (Dr.)Harinder Tripathi (Retd.) interacted with the students.This was followed by a brief session with Prof. Samar Singh, Chairman – Anti Ragging Committee who talked about the institute’s zero-tolerance policy with regards to ragging.This was followed by an address from Mrs. Archana Parashar, Chairman of an internal committee on prevention of sexual harassment at workplace. She elaborated on the need for this committee and how it functions to create the safest possible environment for women at IIM Raipur. Interaction with the campus Librarian and team helped students understand the various academic facilities both on-campus and e-resources available for them to utilize which are of utmost important given the pandemic situation.

With all things in place for the new batch, IIM Raipur is once again all set to groom global leaders for the corporate world and high-quality researcher for the academic world.

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