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IIM Raipur pledges for a new India by 2022

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The morning of 9th August 2017, marked the beginning of grand celebrations of the seventy fifth anniversary of the Quit India Movement. On the occasion, the IIM Raipur fraternity took oath and pledged its heart and soul for the betterment of India.
On Wednesday afternoon, the Director, faculty members, administrative staff and students of IIM Raipur gathered in a hall in their premises to pledge their allegiance to the Sankalp se Siddhi mission.
Dr. Bharat Bhasker, Director of IIM Raipur, made the students acknowledge their responsibility towards the nation. After which, he recited the pledge with the students and colleagues of IIM Raipur.
‘Sankalp Se Siddhi’ campaign has been launched all across the country from August 9 to 30 to mark the 75th anniversary of Quit India movement. The idea behind the campaign is to sensitize the youngsters about the sacrifices of the martyrs and freedom fighters.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Wednesday, delivered an address in the Lok Sabha in which he said, “The recollection of movements such as the Quit India Movement, is a source of inspiration, and the current generation has a responsibility of passing on the legacy of such movements”.
The pledge identifies corruption, poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition as the major challenges that are pulling back the Indian growth story.
Below is an English translation of the pledge.
New India Pledge
Let us together pledge for a New India.
In 1942 our freedom fighters took a pledge of ‘Quit India’ and in 1947 India achieved Independence.
Let us together pledge that by 2022 we build a New India.
Let us together pledge towards a Clean India.
Let us together pledge towards a Poverty free India.
Let us together pledge towards a Corruption free India.
Let us together pledge towards a Terrorism free India.
Let Us together pledge towards a Communalism free India.
Let us together pledge towards a Casteism free India.
Together let us strive whole heartedly to accomplish this pledge for a New India
Once the entire country shared the common resolve, during the Quit India movement, independence came soon enough in about five years. In 1942, conditions internationally became favourable for India to get independence. Today again, the global conditions are favourable for India. Today, India stands a chance to enter the league of developed nations. But for this dream to realize, a positive transformation and a common resolve is needed.

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