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High School and Secondary School Education in Chhattisgarh will use innovative technology to make education more interesting and interactive


Innovative and Interactive technology like ICT will be used in the study of subjects like English, Mathematics and Science

School Teachers were trained in the 9 month Hybrid course structure by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences

Experience Based and Fun filled Learning with the help of interactive sessions and learning apps

Raipur, March 30

To make the study of subjects like English, Maths and Science in Chhattisgarh’s schools more interesting and interactive, teachers were trained by Mumbai’s Tata Institute of Social Science through a 9-month hybrid course. This training will prove to be beneficial in making learning a fun process through the use of innovative technology. This hybrid process of teaching will also help overcome the deficiency in the learning ability of children caused since the Corona period. Trained teachers will make reading and writing interesting by using Information Communication Technology (ICT) during classroom learning. Along with this, children will also be given information about ICT technology. Discussions were held with subject experts at the closing ceremony of the Hybrid Course today. A total of 300 teachers involved in the hybrid training were informed about the use of ICT techniques and the use of learning apps in classroom teaching.

It is worth mentioning that under the Samagra Shiksha program in the state, a Professional Learning Community has been formed to provide opportunities and platforms to the teachers of primary and secondary schools to learn from each other. This community has been successful to a large extent at the initial level and is bringing a lot of change to school education at the grassroots level.

This will help in making the study of English, Maths and Science subjects interesting to the children studying in High School and Higher Secondary. Trained teachers will use information communication technology and apps targeted at better engagement of children in education with the help of interactive and fun filled learning sessions.

The methodology of subject teaching, continuous development of teachers, methods of implementing experience based teaching methods in the classroom will be discussed by the PLC. Ideas for supporting learning materials, teaching using ICT, various online materials and courses, improvement in assessment process, question banks, remedial teaching methods and other issues will be worked out. State subject wise PLCs will also try to learn from each other by networking with teachers from other states and other countries. These PLC teachers will also prepare and share books and self-learning material for their peers.They will also prepare teachers and students for various competitions related to English, Maths and Science.

Dr. M. Sudhish, Assistant Director of State Project Office, Samagra Shiksha, Assistant Project Officer Mr. Ashish Gautam, Mr. Rajesh Sonkar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai Professor Anusha Ramanathan, Program Manager Dr. Garima Singh, Chhattisgarh State Head Saurabh Mohanty,Tuba Khan, Shan Mohammad, Sanjeev Singh, Shweta Pal were also present in the closing ceremony.

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