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Health facilities in state expanded significantly : Raman Singh


Raipur, 23 October 2017

Chief Minister Raman Singh said that in last 14 years health services in Chhattisgarh have undergone significant development and expansion. Many major milestones have been achieved. The Health Department’s budget has increased by 10 times from nearly Rs 450 crore to nearly 4500 crores.

He said- Chhattisgarh is the first state of the country, which provides free medical treatment facility worth upto Rs 50,000 to all the families of state, under Chief Minister Health Insurance Scheme. Earlier, medical treatment worth Rs 30 thousand was provisioned under this scheme, but from current month October this amount has been increased to Rs 50 thousand. This is a Universal Health Scheme, under which all income groups are covered.

Chief Minister was addressing a programme hosted by a media last night. Health Minister Mr. Ajay Chandrakar was also present in the programme.

Raman Singh said- Under Chief Minister Health Fellowship Scheme, Chhattisgarh Government has selected many specialist doctors from major cities of the country, and has posted them in Government District Hospitals of remote tribal area of Sukma, Dantewada and Bijapur. These doctors are working dedicatedly, away from the luxuries of metro cities. Before formation of state, Chhattisgarh had only one Allopathic medical college, where only 100 MBBS doctors were prepared. Now including AIIMS the number of allopathic colleges in state has reached 10. These medical colleges give nearly 650 MBBS doctors to state every year. Number of nursing colleges has also increased, from where state gets nearly 3500 trained nurses every year. Chief Minister said that Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College affiliated Ambedkar Hospital of capital city Raipur is serving as the India’s fourth ultramodern cancer research and medical institute, where every year nearly 700 people are provided free medical treatment. Dr Singh informed that under Mukhyamantri Bal Hriday Suraksha Yojana, nearly 6000 children have availed free heart operations and got a new life.

Singh said- before formation of state, Chhattisgarh had no facility of heart operation. Needy ones had to travel all the way to Delhi and Hyderabad. Poor families couldn’t even afford to go for such treatments. But with efforts of state Government, 7-8 good well-equipped hospitals are running in Raipur, Bilaspur, Korba and other major cities, where the facility of bypass operation is also available. Under State Government’s Sanjeevani Kosh Yojana, financial aid for treatment of critical diseases is provided to poor and needy people. The health facilities in state have expanded to such extent that now people of state no more have to travel to other states for treatment, instead people of neighbouring states Odisha, Maharashtre and Madhya Pradesh come to Chhattisgarh for treatment.

Chief Minister also mentioned about the Satya Sai Hospita of Naya Raipur, where children suffering from heart disease are provided free medical treatment. He said- it is one such organization that believes in servitude and has no cash counter. Dr Raman Singh said that under Mukhyamantri Khadyann Sahayta Yojana, poor families are provided rice at nominal cost of Rs 1/kg, grams at Rs 5/kg, and free iodized salt. This has reduced the problem of malnutrition, which has led to decline of IMR and MMR. He said as a result of the improved facilities, percentafe of institutional deliveries in Chhattisgarh has increased from 19% to 72%.

Raman Singh mentioned about Clean India Mission of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi said that Chhattisgarh has attained promising results under this mission, seeing which I believe that state will achieve ODF status by April 2018. Till date, nearly 18 thousand villages have become open defecation free. Chief MInister said- Clean India Mission is receiving tremendous response from women of the rural areas of state. Manpur, Mohla and other rural development blocks of Rajnandgaon district have achieved ODF status before Raipur city. He said- this mission is about dignity and self-respect of women, mothers, daughters. Nobody would want women of their family to face the inconvenience and discomfort of defecating in open. This is the reason why women of rural areas in Chhattisgarh are volunteering for implementation of Clean India Mission.

In the programme, Chief Minister felicitated the organizations, citizens and doctors for their commendable contribution in the field of social service and medical field. The organizations felicitated at hands of Dr Singh include Satya Sai Hospital Naya Raipur, Social Service Organization Badte Kadam (Raipur), Kopalvani (Raipur), Vande Mataram (Dhamtari).

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