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Gauthans are being equipped with processing units rapidly


So far more than 100 varieties of oil and pulses have been found in Gauthans

37 Gauthans are equipped with oil mill and 65 Gauthans have pulse mill processing units

Gauthans are involved in community vegetable garden, mushroom cultivation, fish farming, goat rearing,poultry, manufacturing herbal products,etc.

Raipur, Apr 8

According to the intention  of Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, various income-oriented activities are being expanded in government run  Gauthans to develop them as centers of livelihood for the the rural populace. Now processing units are being set up rapidly in Gauthans for processing local agricultural and forest produce, so that through the value addition process, better prices can be availed by farmers and people involved in the value addition process can receive additional employment opportunities.  The process of value addition to agricultural produce can create an increase in local demands for these products that will create better alternatives for agricultural producers.

Under the Suraji Gaon Yojna, out of 8 thousand 366 Gauthans established so far in villages, about 350 Gauthans have implemented the action plan for setting up units of oil mills and pulse mills. Till now, 37 Gauthans have established oil mills and 65 Gauthans have pulse mill units. Rest of the processing units are also being set up at expeditously. It worth mentioning that  11 thousand 693 women self-help groups are associated with Gauthans,As many as 78 thousand 298 villagers are involved in these Gauthans. Out of this, more than 5 thousand groups produce vermicompost, more than 1700 groups indulge in community vegetable garden, more than 400 groups are involved in mushroom production, 651 groups in fish farming, 476 groups in goat rearing, 527 groups in poultry, 85 groups in animal husbandry, 325 groups in Herbal products and more than 2100 groups are involved in other activities.

The operation of oil and pulse mills in Gauthans has also been started by women self-help groups. Women’s groups associated with Gauthans have made an income of Rs.58 crore 44 lakh through their income-oriented activities, out of which Rs.32 crore 63 lakh has been generated from vermicompost production.

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