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Education Department sends letter to Collectors regarding Midday Meal Menu

Education Department sends letter to Collectors

Raipur, July 17

School Education Department has sent a letter to District Collectors in the state, giving clarification regarding midday meal menu.

It is stated in the letter that in the letter number F7-1/2014/20-one dated 15/01/2019 issued by the department earlier, it was advised that for meeting the protein requirement and ensuring proper calorie intake by children, minimum two eggs/milk/food product with equivalent nutrition value should be given to children at least once a week, along with midday meal.

Because children from vegetarian families also have midday meal in government schools, School Education Department has issued clarification to the Collectors regarding implementation of the previous suggestions.

As per this clarification, Principal Secretary, School Education Department, has directed the Collectors to organize school-level meeting of school development committee and parents within two weeks, wherein those students should be marked who do not want to consume eggs in midday meal. Separate arrangements should be made to ensure that eggs are boiled/cooked after the preparation of midday meal. Children who have opted for pure vegetarian meal should be made to sit in a separate row for serving the meal.

It is stated in the letter that in the schools, where eggs are to be distributed, proper arrangements for protein-rich vegetarian options such as flavoured soya milk, flavoured milk, protein crunch, fortified biscuits, fortified soyabean chunks, soyabean, etc.

It is also stated in the letter that if majority of the parents do not given consent for distribution of eggs in midday meal at schools, then school development committee should make an arrangement to provide nutritious supplements to the students at their homes.

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