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Compensation worth more than Rs 568 crore distributed to 9.58 lakh drought-affected farmers of state


Raipur, 25 June

Revenue and Calamity Management has distributed compensation amount worth Rs 568 crore 67 lakh to more nine lakh 58 thousand till date. Compensation distribution work is nearing completion. It is known that farmers of 21 out of 27 districts of the state were affected due to scanty rainfall last year in kharif 2017. Senior officials of the department informed today that 96 tehsils of affected districts were declared as drought affected, where compensation amount was distributed to nine lakh 58 thousand 411 farmers under Revenue Book Circular (RBC) 6-4. Maximum number of these farmers i.e. two lakh 34 thousand of these farmers are from Rajnandgaon district, who have been distributed Rs 124 crore 96 lakh as compensation under RBC 6-4.

Officials informed that compensation worth Rs 84 crore 49 lakh has been distributed to one lakh 32 thousand 599 farmers of Balodabazar-Bhatapara district, Rs 68 thousand 17 lakh to one lakh 22 thousand 659 farmers of Bemetara district, and Rs 43 crore 57 lakh distributed to 77 thousand 227 farmers to Bilaspur district, Rs 23 crore 43 lakh to 46 thousand 818 farmers of Kabeerdham (Kawardha) district, Rs 18 crore 71 lakh to 36 thousand 552 farmers of Raigarh district, Rs 20 crore 51 lakh to 34 thousand 164 farmers, Rs 35 crore 66 lakh to 32 thousand 649 farmers of Kanker district, and compensation of Rs 24 crore 85 lakh has been distributed to 34 thousand 244 farmers of Durg district.

According to officials, compensation of Rs five crore 20 lakh to 25 thousand 940 farmers of Balod district, Rs 29 crore 09 lakh to 30 thousand 510 farmers of Mahasamund district, Rs 12 crore 86 lakh to 22 thousand 094 farmers of Mungeli district, Rs 14 crore 27 lakh to 22 thousand 275 farmers to Dhamtari district, Rs 8 crore 88 lakh to 21 thousand 169 farmers to 21 thousand 169 farmers of Koriya (Baikunthpur) district, Rs 14 crore 17 lakh to 20 thousand 943 farmers in Raipur district, Rs 17 crore 77 lakh to 19 thousand 619 farmers in Dantewada district, Rs 5 crore 65 lakh to 10 thousand 709 farmers in Bijapur district, Rs two crore 48 lakh to seven thousand 665 farmers of Narayanpur district, Rs three crore 14 lakh to seven thousand 144 farmers of Janjgir-Champa district, Rs two crore 13 lakh to three thousand 461 farmers of Korba district.


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