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Commendable Achievements of Durg, Balod and Bemetara : Dr Raman Singh

Raman Singh
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Raipur, 30 March 2018

Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has praised the ongoing development works in Durg, Bhilai and Bemetara districts of the state, and their achievements so far. In the joint review meeting of the aforementioned three districts held yesterday evening at Durg district headquarters under Lok Suraaj Abhiyan, Dr Raman Singh said that there has been rapid development of infrastructure in the two new districts- Balod and Bemetara, constituted nearly six years back after reorganization of Durg district in year 2012. Durg has been given the status of revenue division. These three districts have made commendable achievements in social sector. Chief Minister reviewed the schemes and achievements of these districts at the joint review meeting held at Collectorate conference hall of Durg district headquarters.
Three Government Universities established in Durg
Dr Singh said after the meeting that establishing three government universities in Durg district is a major achievement of State Government in the field of higher education in last 14 years, which will largely benefit thousands of youth of Chhattisgarh. Kamdhenu University has been established to promote veterinary and animal husbandary and Swami Vivekananda Technical University has been established for promoting technical education. Recently, Durg University has also been established. Mentioning about these major achievements in important works of social section, Dr Singh further said that since year 2009-10, State Government’s Medical Education Department is providing free education to the students, who have cleared Nursing Entrance Exam, in 16 nursing colleges of Durg district.
Number of complaint-related applications in Lok Suraaj declines by 20%
Chief Minister said- During Lok Suraaj Abhiyan 2018, 89 thousand 103 applications were received, out of which 88 thousand 329 applications have been redressed. The percentage of application redressal is 99.13%. It is a positive sign that the number of complaint related applications received this year is nearly 20% less than what was received during Lok Suraaj Abhiyan 2017. It is a significant achievement. In this trimester, 22 thousand new names have been added in ration cards in Durg district and 4700 new ration cards have been issued, which is another major achievement. 62% of the target for distribution of cards under Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme has been completed by Durg district. In terms of card distribution under Prime Minister Crop Insurance Scheme, Durg district is at fourth position in the state. In the district, one lakh 30 thousand farmers have been issued cards under this scheme. Entire Durg district has been declared as Open Defecation Free under Clean India Mission. In last five years, 5549 irrigation pumps have been distributed to farmers, which has led to increase of irrigation area by 43 thousand 294 hectares.
Population of two lakh benefited under Avardhan Jal Praday Yojana
Chief Minister said- drinking water schemes have been taken into serious consideration in this district. In year 2016, Rs 77 crore 95 lakh was sanctioned for second phase of Avardhan Jal Praday Yojana. Under this, 42 MLD water purification plants have been constructed, facilitating water supply to nearly two lakh people. Under other urban areas of the district, drinking water augmentation scheme worth Rs 10.20 crore in Dhamdha, Rs 15.71 crore in Ahiwara, and Rs 23 crore 46 lakh in Jamul is being developed. Likewise, construction of drinking water augmentation scheme worth Rs 14.65 crore in Utai Nagar and Rs 13.77 crore in Paatan is in progress. Construction of 59 new nal-jal schemes has been completed in rural areas. Trauma unit worth Rs two crore 34 lakh has been established in Durg District Hospital, and Maternity Section with 100 bed-capacity worth Rs 13.19 crore has also been sanctioned, which is under-construction. Dr Singh has directed the officials to complete the construction work soon.
Compensation worth Rs 22.70 crore paid to drought-affected farmers
Chief Minister said- compensation of nearly Rs 25 crore has been sanctioned under Revenue Book Circular 6-4 to 33,826 drought-affected farmers of three tehsils in Durg district. Out of which, Rs 22 crore 70 lakh has been paid to farmers in their bank accounts till now.
Literacy in Balod increases from 73% to 81%
Talking about the achievements of Balod district, Dr Singh said- Balod is a new district, constituted in year 2012. The district has sex ratio of 1022 female to 1000 male. This district more of female population than men. Literacy rate of this district in year 2011-12 was 73%, which is currently 81 per cent. It is a major achievement. Ma Danteshwari Cooperative Sugar Factory established in Balod is also one of the major achievements of Chhattisgarh Government is last 14 years.
He said- after the new district was constituted, infrastructure development was a big challenge before government-administration, but which public support this challenge has been overcome and our officials and employees have successfully developed new infrastructure in the new district. Composite Building worth Rs 22 crore, Maternity Hospital worth Rs 20 crore 55 lakh and District Hospital Building of 100-bed capacity has been built in Balod district headquarters.
Three ITI buildings worth Rs 6 crore in new district
Chief Minister said- three ITI buildings have been built in Gunderdehi, Dalli-Rajhara and Daundi area of the district at the cost of Rs six crore and 369 aanganbadi buildings have been constructed at the cost of nearly Rs 21 crore 31 lakh. Nine primary health centres and 17 sub-health centres at the cost of nearly Rs 8 crore have been established and seven power substations worth nearly Rs 11 crore 34 lakh have been constructed.
He said- in the first phase of Lok Suraaj Abhiyan, 85 thousand 744 applications were received in Balod district, out of which 84 thousand 599 have been redressed i.e. the percentage of redressal was 98.66%. Number of complaints has declined by 11 per cent. Six small irrigation dams and nine anicuts have been constructed in the district at the cost of 70 crore 10 lakh. This has led to expansion of irrigated area by 2330 hectare. Small Irrigation Water Reservoirs have been constructed in Arajgundra, Beloda, Navapara, Karregaon, Kodekasa and Karchutola. Navoday School was started in the district in year 2017.
Many construction works including composite building completed in Bemetara
Dr Raman Singh said- Bemetara is also a new district, formed in year 2012. Within just six years of formation, the challenging work of infrastructural development has been done in Bemetara district commendably with public support and dedication of government-administration. Composite building, girls college building, transit hostel building, rest house and circuit house have been constructed in this district at the total cost of nearly Rs 26 crore 23 lakh. Agriculture Department has constructed soil examination centre building at the cost of Rs 35 lakh.
Irrigation Schemes
Dr Raman Singh expressed satisfaction on remodelling and lining work of Sankri Diversion Main Canal (first phase) at the cost of RS 24 crore 25 lakh under irrigation schemes of Bemetara district. Construction of Bahinga anicut on Shivnath River, taakam anicut, paunsari-tulse anicut and anicut on Dotu Nala has also increased the irrigation capacity in the district. Nearly Rs nine crore 15 lakh has been spent on remodelling and lining of Sodh distributary canal, providing irrigation facility to farmers in 3854 hectare in 22 villages. In the first phase of Lok Suraaj Abhiyan 2018, one lakh 35 thousand 672 applications have been received and 1 lakh 33 thousand 688 of these applications have been redressed. Redressal percentage was 98.54%. Chief Minister said- to relieve people of 152 people of Bemetara, Navagarh and Saja-three blocks of Bemetara district of the salty-water problem, cluster nal-jal schemes worth nearly Rs 165 crore is being constructed. These schemes will enable safe-drinkingwater supply in many villages. 100 RO plants have also been established in the affected hamlets for solving this problem. Besides, RO plants will also be established in four more places.

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