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Collection of ‘green gold’ in forests of Chhattisgarh nearing completion


This year incoming of 16.72 lakh standard sacks of tendupatta leaves estimated

Target of providing employment of 1.12 crore human days to 13.50 lakh families engaged in tendupatta collection

Wages of Rs 2500 to be provided for collection from government land and Rs 2600 per standard sack for collection from private

Raipur, 6 April 2018

Collection of tendupatta, popularly known as the precious green gold, in going on at accelerated pace in the forests of the state. This year, state government has set the target of providing employment to 13 lakh 50 thousand villagers and forest dweller families through tendupatta collection work, and get an estimated inflow of 16 lakh 72 thousand standard sacks of tendupatta. These families are members of 901 primary forest produce cooperative societies. State Government has set the target of providing employment of one crore 12 lakh human days to these families.

Chhattisgarh State Minor Forest Produce Cooperative Union officials informed today that all the preparations for collection work has been done. As per the announcement of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, the wages for tendupatta collection on government land has been increased from Rs 1800 to Rs 2500 and wages for tendupatta collection on private land has been fixed on Rs 2600 per standard sack. Forest Minister Mr. Mahesh Gagda is reviewing the preparation works for tendupatta collection works, along with department. He has appealed the collectors to bring leaves of good quality to the centre.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary Mr. Ajay Singh has directed all the District Collectors, Forest Division Officers and Managing Directors of District Forest Produce Cooperative Unions through a circular to ensure smooth execution of the process.He has directed the officials to be alert and keep a watch on inter-state borders of Chhattisgarh so as to preventillegal collection and transportation of tendupatta. In the circular, instructions to ensure regular inspection of tendupatta collection centres and godowns have also been given. Chief Secretary has further states that in each district, the duration of tendupatta picking work is nearly 30 days. This is the reason why villagers are encouraged to ensure maximum collection of tendupatta, so that they may earn maximum amount of wages and bonus against the procurement. He has also directed the officials to ensure that the tendupatta godowns are used for storage of tendupatta only and not for any other purpose. He has also stated that the storage of all the sacks should be ensured before arrival of monsoon. Chief Secretary has directed the officials and employees appointed on duty for smooth execution of tendupatta procurement process should discharge their duties responsibly and in a dedicated manner. Officials have been instructed to ensure timely payment of wages to the collectors.

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