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BJP playing divisive politics: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
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Raipur, May 18
Congress President Rahul Gandhi once again targeted BJP of allegedly playing divisive politics, acquiring anti-farmers’ approach and targeting dalits across the country. Meanwhile, the Congress President also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi of being tight lipped on serious incidents including Rohith Vemula, Unnao rape case and other.
Interacting with the booth-level party workers in Bilaspur district today, Gandhi said that situation in the country is getting worse. Dalits, adivasi, women and youth were being attacked. Wherever BJP is in power, it is dividing people and making them fight each other.
“A BJP MLA from Uttar Pradesh raped a woman but PM Modi does not speak a word. When a PM does not give direction, a country become directionless. When PM does not speak anything in Rohit Vemula case and when dalits were attacked, then they (people involved in such cases) feel what they were doing is correct. A PM gives direction to country while a CM to state,” he said
If Congress party come to power then who so ever commit crime against women and attack dalits will be strictly punished and jailed, said Gandhi, elaborating that if anyone will break the country’s law strict action will be taken against them.


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