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Bastar women’s strong-will has enabled them to cultivate Papaya on the barren land


One and half months of hard work in the field enable them to cultivate papaya

”Papaya cultivation enables us to travel by plane to Delhi, your government is changing our lives” Women associated with papaya farming thanked Chief Minister

Within one year they have earned the invested cost along with a profit of Rs.10 Lakhs for which Chief Minister congratulate them

Papaya Badi of Mangalpur is an excellent example of Narwa, Garuwa, Ghurwa, Badi scheme success

Earned Rs.40 Lakhs by cultivating 300 Tonnes of Papaya on 10 acres of land 

These Papaya costs Rs.80 per Kg at Delhi Mandi’s

Raipur, May 26

 has  enabled them to
It is well said that where there is a will there is a way, this phrase is well suited in case of Women from Bastar associated with the Papaya cultivation. 43 women of Maa Danteshwari Papita Utpadak Samiti have started to cultivate papaya on the barren land of Mangalpur Village of Bastar District. Papaya Badi of Mangalpur is an excellent example of Narwa, Garuwa, Ghurwa, Badi scheme success.

Hemvati Kashyap, a member of women Self-Help Group cultivating papaya at Mangalpur in Bastar district, shared the success story of her group with Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel today. Currently, we have produced 300 tonnes of papaya on 10 acres of land and through this, we have done a business of Rs 40 lakh. By cultivating papaya, for the first time we got a chance to travel by aeroplane to go to Delhi, government under your leadership is changing our lives. Besides, the group has managed to generate a savings of Rs 10 lakh for which the Chief Minister congratulate them.

Committee secretary Hema Kashyap told that this land was very barren, to make the land cultivable, these women took about one and half months to clear the stone through 100 trolleys. The ground was levelled by digging for red soil and making beds for planting papaya plants. The soil was added again to make bigger beds. The land preparation was started by these women in December 2021 for about one and a half months, and then on January 11, 2021, the planting of papaya saplings started. It is the hard work of these women that today 5500 papaya plants are flourishing in an area of 10 acres. So far 300 tonnes of papaya have been produced till now. Intercropping of vegetables is being done in the middle of papaya beds. For the first time in Asia, the improved Amina variety papaya is being cultivated here which is very sweet in taste as well as nutritious.

The Chief Minister encouraged the Women

While encouraging the women, the Chief Minister said that hard work is necessary for progress, only information, awareness and courage are needed. The people here are very hardworking. Farmers of Mangalpur should also teach other people about how passionate they are about farming. Like Mangalpur, farmers of every village of Bastar can progress by doing a similar kind of farming.

Bastar’s Papaya is being sold in Delhi

The sweet taste of papaya grown by women in Mangalpur village of Darbha block of Bastar has reached Delhi. Three consignments of about 5 tonnes of papaya have been sold in Azadpur Mandi of Delhi. The selling price received by the farmers is Rs. 80 per kg. This was only made possible because of the courage and hard work of these women who with their dedication have cultivated papaya despite unfavourable land conditions.
Chief Minister observed the improved agriculture technology with an automated drip irrigation system
The women farmers of Mangalpur have adopted the automatic drip irrigation system to provide adequate water and soluble fertilizers to the roots of Papaya plants. Only drip irrigation techniques can be used for farming in the rocky land of this region. Irrigation System Operator Manish Kashyap told the Chief Minister that this entire system is computerized, which can be operated from anywhere through the internet.
Use of innovative farm technology; Weather stations and mobile apps are being used

A state-of-the-art weather station has been installed in the women’s bari. By which the appropriate temperature, evaporation rate, soil moisture, moisture content in the air, wind speed, and wind direction are measured. Women are using this information for irrigation through the app on their mobile. Productivity has increased with the use of this technology.

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