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Agricultural Education for Chhattisgarh’s Rural Farmers through Kisan Pakhwada


Farmers are being encouraged to grow alternative profitable Cash Crops

Farmers are being taught Innovative farm technology

Use of Gothan manufactured organic manure instead of chemical fertilizers

Raipur, March 25

As per the instructions of the state government, an educational agricultural Pakwadha (a fortnightly educational event for farmers) is being organised in various districts of Chhattisgarh with the aim of educating farmers about innovative approaches of cultivating alternative cash crops instead of just paddy . In order to create awareness in farmers about new crops, seeds, vermicompost and farming methodologies, Pakhwada has already been started in Kanker in which farmers are being encouraged to grow beneficial cash crops instead of just growing paddy, They are also being made aware about the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers and are being asked to switch to organic vermicompost, super compost instead of using chemical fertilisers.

Recently, another special agricultural fortnight was organised in village Bade Kapasi of Pankhajur tehsil and village Korar of Bhanupratappur tehsil. The farmers were made aware about the application process of state governments schemes like Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojna,Kisan samman Nidhi Yojna aimed to provide financial assistance to farmers. The Farmers were also given education on adopting different crop rotations along with trying out the cultivation of hybrid varieties of aromatic paddy that sell at a higher price. Agriculture officials said that by adopting crop rotation, farmers will get direct benefits due to increase in income of the farmers, improvement in the quality of land, increase in water holding capacity, environmental improvement and reduction in the cost of cultivation.

Addressing the farmers present in in the agricultural fortnight of Lempus Koror, who came from villages like Korar, Selegaon, Chilhati, Haranpuri, Ghodda, Kurri, Dongargaon, Radwahi, Selagondi etc, The President of the District Panchayat Shri Hemant Dhruv advised the farmers to cultivate other profitable crops like aromatic paddy, fortified paddy, pulses, oilseeds, maize, ragi, kodo, kutki and vegetables. He inspired the farmers to use organic vermicompost manure prepared by women self-help groups in their fields to maintain the fertility of the land. Shri Biresh Thakur, a member of Bastar Development Authority, told the Krishi Pakhwada camp that farmers and youth should start commercial farming with advanced modern technology and urged the educated youth to start their own farming business by taking advantage of various government run schemes.

Praveen Kawachi, Rural Agriculture Extension Officer, Agriculture Department, while explaining the usefulness of organic manure said that due to excessive use of chemical fertilisers, insecticides, weed killers in unbalanced amounts, the health of the land is getting worse along with human health. Due to the exorbitant  use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides, the soil-friendly organisms that boost the fertility of land like snails, earthworms, worms, sips, are becoming extinct. These soil-friendly insects work by breaking the soil structure and transporting nutrients from different depths of the soil to the roots of crops. He advised the farmers to use organic manure in place of chemical fertilisers to reduce the cost of agriculture and the rising prices of chemical fertilisers. He said that to maintain the fertility of the land, farmers should make maximum use of vermicompost, super compost manure made from cow dung made in Gothans.

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