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UNDP and NITI Aayog praised the malaria-free Bastar campaign
Campaign conducted should be adopted in other aspirational districts of the country to eliminate malaria

Raipur / 13 June 2021

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and NITI Aayog have appreciated the malaria-free Bastar campaign run by the National Health Mission, Chhattisgarh for the eradication of malaria in the Bastar division of the state. UNDP in its report said to NITI Aayog that the campaign result output is very good in aspirational districts of Bijapur and Dantewada. There has been a reduction of 71 percent in malaria cases in Bijapur district and 54 percent in Dantewada. UNDP has described this campaign as one of the best campaigns conducted in aspirational districts. UNDP has said in its report that such a campaign should be conducted in other aspirational districts of the country to eliminate malaria.

It is appreciable that the malaria-free Bastar campaign launched by the state government to make Bastar division free from malaria has seen a huge positive impact. After seeing its best results in Bastar region this campaign was also implemented in Surguja division at the end of last year as malaria-free Chhattisgarh campaign. Because of the campaign conducted by Health Mission Chhattisgarh ,the cases of malaria are continuously decreasing in both the devision . There has been a 60 percent reduction in malaria cases in Surguja division and 45 percent in Bastar division in April-2021 as compared to April-2020.


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