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Water Resource Secretary inspects Samoda-Nisda Diversion and Hardi Micro Irrigation Project, officials directed to complete projects on time

Hardi Micro Irrigation Project

Raipur, 16 March 2018

Water Resource Department Secretary Mr. Sonmoni Borah today inspected the construction site of Rajiv-Samoda-Nisda Diversion Project and Hardi Micro Irrigation Project in Raipur district. After the inspection, Mr. Borah directed the officials to complete the construction works as soon as possible. Under Rajiv-Samoda-Nisda Diversion Project, Samoda Barrage Diversion and Nisda Barrage is being constructed. He said that this project will play an important role in expanding irrigated area in Raipur and Balodabazar district, benefiting 118 villages of these districts. Irrigation facility in 30 thousand hectare area of Baloda bazaar tehsil and Palari area of Balodabazar-Bhatapara district and Aarang Tehsil of Raipur district will be developed. Presently in Nisda diversion, water is filled upto seven kilometres, which will save the water stored in Gangrel dam. And this saved water and water from Nisda Diversion will be supplied to Bhatapara canal. This project will provide irrigation facility for nearly one lakh hectare.

Mr. Borah gave instructions to pace up the construction work of Samoda-Nisda distributory canal. ECHT- Integrated Recreation Private Limited of Ahmedabad has been authorized to develop infrastructure for water sports adventure near Nisda Diversion. Mr. Bora also inspected Hardi micro irrigation project. This project worth Rs 17 crore 92 lakh in Hardi will provide irrigation facility in nearlu 750 hectare are through drip system in Kagdehi and Hardi of Raipur district and Pidhi-Gadsivni of Mahasamund district. He said that drip system will not only save water but will also contribute to escalation of groundwater table. In all these four villages, pipeline extension is in progress by Jain Irrigation Limited. Mr. Borah directed officials to complete the work by April 30. Farmers will be trained so that they may take benefit of this drip irrigation system. It is noteworthy that it is the first and important micro irrigation scheme of the state. On the occasion, Chief Engineer Mr. HR Kutare, Chief Engineer SV Bhagwat, Executive Engineer Mr. VK Bachhani and other departmental officials were also present.

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