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1000 Transport Facilitation Centres to be set up in Chhattisgarh: Baghel


Transport centres will be set up across the state to provide convenient delivery of transport related services

Now there will be no need to visit unauthorized agents for transport related services

Employment will be generated for about 5000 people

Raipur, Apr 28
To provide convenient transport related services in the proximity of people’s home,Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel,on January 26 had announced to set up transport facilitation centres throughout the state. After this announcement, the Transport department prepared a draft and after the notification, the process for the establishment of transport facilitation centers has already started. Moreover, applications are being invited from interested people at the district level. After the implementation of this facility, there will be no need to make rounds of unauthorized agents for transport related facilities. At the same time, transportation related facilities will be available in the proximity of peoples home .

After the establishment of these centers, people’s access to transport facilities will become convinient without any anauthorized agents involved. At the same time, it this will also generate employment oriented avenues in Chhattisgarh.It,is predicted that these transport facilitation centres will create a possibility of employment generation for about five thousand youth. According to the information received from the department, the Transport Facilitation Center can be authorized to make a learning license abiding by the norms of the Gazette No. 240 (A) of the Government of India which was issued on 31 March 2021. The guide also prescribes the charges for various services at the Transport Facilitation Centers.

Eligibility to operate a Facilitation Center:
According to the format and guidelines issued by the Transport Department, any person, organization, union, cooperative society or any legal entity will be eligible to set up a transport facilitation centre. At the same time, for the operation of the center, it is necessary to have at least 100 square feet of own building or rent contract building. It is also necessary to have a separate divided room for the process of attaining a learning license. For the operation of the facility, it will be necessary to present the GST certificate or Gumashta certificate issued by the urban body as per the requirement. There should also be a waiting room, technical room and CCTV camera with basic arrangements for the applicants. The person applying to set up a centre should have passed the Higher Secondary Examination. Preference will be given to DCA/PGDCA or equivalent qualification. Applicants should not have any criminal record.

The prescribed fees that will be taken from the applicants by the Facilitation Centers:
Rs.100 as service fee for online application as per guide, Rs.50 for making online fee/tax payment to Transport Department (for each one thousand rupees or part thereof), Rs.50 for learning license, the procedure of documentation needed for application like, required documents for scanning, compressing and uploading (per page) are Rs.5 per process and the printout fee (per page) of complete documents for online application completion is Rs.5.

People will not fall in the trap of unauthorized agents
The biggest benefit of the establishment of transport facilitation centers in the state will be availed by the general public. Till now, due to lack of correct information, a large number of people have been applying for transportation related service by contacting unauthorized agents. Due to which they have to suffer financial loss in addition to undergoing a lengthy process. With the establishment of these centres,there will be no need to visit unauthorized agents for transport related facilities.

More than 9 lakh people have been benefitted so far in door to door delivery of transport services:
It is noteworthy that from June 1, 2021, the door to door delivery of 22 types of transport related facilities was started by the Transport Department of Chhattisgarh. Under this, after the application, other documents including the license are sent directly to the home of the applicant via post. After the introduction of this facility, so far 6 lakh 9 thousand 188 registration certificates and 3 lakh 830 driving licenses have been delivered to people’s home.

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