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Chief Minister visits Mohalla Class of ‘Padhai Tunhar Duar’

Chief Minister visits Mohalla Class

Chief Minister visits Mohalla Class: Children recited ‘Tulsi ke Dohe’ and multiplication tables for CM

From Kharun River Conservation to Environmental Movements of Europe, discussion on various topics took place at Mohalla Class

Raipur, November 12

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel visited the children of Mohalla class, conducted under the ‘Padhai Tuhar Duar’ scheme in village Amaleshwar of Patan tehsil, Durg district on Nov 11.

He asked the children a lot of questions related to Hindi, Mathematics and Environment, to which children responded quickly and correctly. Chief Minister generously praised and encouraged them. Children told Chief Minister that in their school, lessons are taught through music. On Chief Minister’s request, a student recited Tulsidas ji’s couplet. Chief Minister was impressed with the quality of education being imparted. He then asked the children questions about the exponent and also the multiplication table of 18. Children answered correctly to that.

Chief Minister visits Mohalla Class: At the mohalla class, Chief Minister asked children the definition of ‘environment’. Chief Minister told children to not only be aware of the cause of environment conservation, but also inspire others to conserve it. For example, Kharun River flows near the village and people often dispose off plastic into the river. If you see someone doing that, educate them on how dangerous it is for the environment. Polluted water is the cause of 80% of the diseases.

The more aware we are about the environment, the healthier we will be. Chief Minister said that children all over the world are very conscious towards the environment. In Europe, various movements are being conducted for environment conservation. As trees absorb carbon dioxide, planting more trees can hep in decreasing global warming, which is a major concern for the entire world. Glaciers are melting due to global warming, water-level of the sea is rising. This creates the possibility of sinking of cities along the coast. To prevent this, it is necessary to plant more trees. He motivated the children to be more responsible towards environment. He aso asked children if they take all the precautions for prevention of corona infection, to which children said that they wear masks, frequently wash hands with soap. On the occasion, children requested Chief Minister for musical instruments like dholak, tabla. Chief Minister accepted their request and said that soon they will be provided the instruments. Divisional Commissioner Mr. TC Mahawar, Collector Dr. Sarveshwar Narendra Bhure, SP Mr. Prashant Thakur and other officials were present on the occasion.


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