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Chief Minister calls for investment in food and minor forest produce processing industries along with Steel industry in Bastar

investment in food

investment in food: Problems in Bastar can be resolved only through development: Bhupesh Baghel

Chhattisgarh has the best policy for Steel Industries, says the Delegation of Chhattisgarh Steel and Sponge Iron Production Association

Concession in energy surcharge has given a security blanket to 85% industries of the steel sector

Raipur, October 14

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said that problems in Bastar can be solved only through development. He appealed industrialists to invest in Food and Minor Forest Produce Processing Industries along with Steel industry.

Chief Minister said that the steel industries will be supplied raw material in sufficient quantity. He added that enough government land is available for setting up industries in Bastar. Chief Minister called upon the industrialists to take maximum benefit of the relief and exemptions provided by State Government for steel sector.

On the occasion, Industry Minister Kawasi Lakhma and State Food and Civil Supply Corporation Chairman Ram Gopal Agrawal were also present.

Chief Minister Baghel was addressing the delegation of Chhattisgarh Steel and Sponge Iron Production Association at his residence office. The delegation thanked and congratulated Chief Minister for implementing the best policy for steel industries in the state. This policy will attract new investments. Association Representatives said that the concession provided by State Government on energy surcharge gave security to nearly 85 % industries in the steel sector.

investment in food: They thanked Chief Minister for the concession and exemption provided to the industries during lockdown. Delegation said that the day of October 8, 2020 will be remembered as ‘Steel Day’ in future. New announcements have stirred new enthusiasm among steel industries. Steel industries have important contribution in GST hike. In last 10 years, no new steel industry has come up in the state.

The concession and exemptions provided to the steel industries would encourage setting up of new units in the state.

Chief Minister said during the discussion that investment in local agriculture and minor forest produce processing industries of Bastar along with the steel industry would create a large number of employment opportunities for people of Bastar. Arrangements would be made to provide training to youngsters in various trades as per the requirements of these industries.

Baghel said that during lockdown, industries of Chhattisgarh had made stay arrangements for labourers. As labourers stayed back, production in industries started by the end of April month. Iron ore and coal production related works continues, because of which industries received sufficient supply of raw materials. Good coordination between state government, district administration and industrialists kept the work at industries going.

investment in food: On the occasion, Steep and Sponge Iron Production Association Vijay Kumar, Kailash Agrawal, Umesh Agrawal, Anil Nachrani, Deepak Gupta, Pradeep Tandon and other officials were present.

It is noteworthy that in the recent cabinet meeting, several decisions were taken to provide concessions for the steel sector. Under the Industrial Policy 2019-24 of Chhattisgarh State, cabinet decided to provide a special investment incentive package for investment in the mega, ultra mega project of Steel (Sponge Iron and Steel) sector. Investment incentives up to a maximum of Rs 500 crore (up to Rs 1000 crore for Bastar division) will be valid in the package announced for mega investors. It will be necessary for the proposed units to commence commercial production on or before 31 October 2024. Economic investment incentives will be given only to the new units that start commercial production by investing a fixed capital investment item of Rs 100 crore. Special package has been announced for sponge iron and steel sector industries. The region-wise exemption of 60 percent to 150 percent will be payable.

Similarly, in the cabinet meeting, the proposal for implementation of all four schemes of Chhattisgarh State Food Processing Mission Scheme by 31 October 2024, formation of state level appellate forum has also been approved.



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