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Chhattisgarhi folk musical instruments attracting people’s attention

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Raipur, December 30

Chhattisgarh folk musical instruments have become centre of attraction at the stall of Public Relations Department at National Tribal Dance Fest. At the exhibition put up by Public Relations Department, artists from Tripura and other states had a look on Chhattisgarhi folk musical instruments and took information about them.

The exhibition displays musical instruments played by various tribal groups such as charhe, pulki, nakdevan, bana, khajeri, baans baja, hirnang, tamboora, tudbudi, munda baja, kondodka, nagada, mridang, gatka, chikara, maandri etc.
In this photo exhibition based on theme ‘Gadhbo Nava Chhattisgarh’, photos showing Chhattisgarh state’s contribution in freedom movement, Mahatma Gandhi’s second visit to Chhattisgarh, waterfalls in the state, indigenous festivals, ornaments, flaura-fauna and biodiversity of Chhattisgarh, folk dances of Chhattisgarh, heritagee of Bastar, Khajuraho bhoramdev, tourist destinations and archaeological sites including ‘Shri Ram Van Gaman Marg’ have been displayed with captions. Ancient Chhattisgarh has also been depicted in form of pictures at the exhibition.

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